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At Auckland House Wash, we provide professional and efficient house wash services in Auckland. We are a professional and reliable house wash company that uses advanced technology and state of the art equipment to give a new breath of life into your house. Your house is left gleaming after we have done our job!

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House Wash Services Auckland

Does your house look old and dirty? No matter how much effort and time you put into its cleaning and maintenance, you can only clean it to some extent. You need professional help to make it look new and shiny. This is where we step in. We are one of the leading service providers of house wash in Auckland. Through our premium house washing services, we have helped hundreds of homeowners achieve a shiny new look on their house.

Hire House Wash Specialists in Auckland

Just like every vehicle, appliance or furniture piece needs regular cleaning, your house needs regular cleaning too. But let’s be honest. How many of us have time to climb up the roof and clean it? Or take out time to clean the gutters or windows? We can’t even remember the last time we did that. This is precisely why you should hire house wash specialists. Why clean yourself when you can hire experts?

We use environmentally friendly, high quality cleaning chemicals to soften and neutralise grime and mould before the water blasting process. This makes our house washing service safe for both your pets and plants.

Soft Wash House Cleaning Auckland

We wash houses using a soft water blasting technique. Soft wash house cleaning in Auckland involves using very low pressure of water to wash away accumulated dirt, deposits, mold, grime etc. This process also brings back to life tired paintwork on the walls. The soft wash process removes stains from the walls, enhancing the paintwork and reducing your redecoration costs.

This method of cleaning does not cause damage to the property and gives the best results in the gentlest way possible. It is not only quick and cost-effective, but environmentally friendly too. Getting Auckland House Wash regularly is an effective preventative measure against damage and keeps your house looking at its best throughout the year. It gets easy to maintain your house after you get it washed.

Exterior House Wash Auckland

The exterior of a building is exposed to harsh weather conditions and natural elements throughout the year. With time, it loses its luster and sheen. There can also be unchecked growth of mold, mildew, lichen, algae over time, which can eat into surfaces and penetrate into the interior of the house. It left unaddressed, this can cause substantial damage to the house. It is, therefore, important to get professional exterior house washing services.

So wait no further and give us a call today for an efficient exterior house wash in Auckland!


What our clients say

Superb result! I have used these guys several times now, and they always do a fantastic job. I made the mistake of going elsewhere – never again!! The Auckland House wash Company will be the only ones I ever choose again. Thanks guys!

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David Young

OUTSTANDING service from this family run business! Great communication, price and result. Easily recommend to anyone who has any house / building wash required.

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Rob James