Chemical Treatments Auckland

All our outside window and wall cleaning is done from the ground using our carbon fiber telescopic poles t hat can reach up to 4 stories eliminating the use of ladders

Auckland House Wash provides highly effective and environmentally safe chemical treatments in Auckland. Through our premium services, we have helped hundreds of homeowners fight stressful problems. We use environmentally friendly and high quality chemicals which makes it safe for your family, pets and plants.

Over the years, we have developed processes that have been tested, and are known to keep the house clean for years to come. Our team knows the right mix of chemicals that treat problems like mold, lichen, algae growth on surfaces or invasion by spiders and flies into your house.

Chemical Treatment Services

Did you notice mold growth on the roof or a lichen build up? Let us treat it for you. A chemical treatment in Auckland is not an effective cure for the problem but also a preventative measure against future issues like substantial damage to interior and property of the house. Our treatment deters critters from choosing your house as their breeding grounds, thus giving you a safe and healthy environment to live in. No one wants their house to be that green and moldy house on the street. Regular treatment ensures that there is no infestation by these substances and your property looks its best throughout the year.

Please note that the results from chemical treatment may not be very effective in some cases, and therefore may need two treatments. This is precisely why regular treatment is advised, so that this problem does not take place in the first place. Charges may vary according to the area of the house.

So wait no further! Give us a call today for the best chemical treatment in Auckland!

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What our clients say

Superb result! I have used these guys several times now, and they always do a fantastic job. I made the mistake of going elsewhere – never again!! The Auckland House wash Company will be the only ones I ever choose again. Thanks guys!

David Young

OUTSTANDING service from this family run business! Great communication, price and result. Easily recommend to anyone who has any house / building wash required.

Rob James