House Washing Auckland

All our outside window and wall cleaning is done from the ground using our carbon fiber telescopic poles t hat can reach up to 4 stories eliminating the use of ladders

Here we explain the softwash waterblasting process.


Before we wash the house we start by applying a biodegradable chemical to kill mould and fungus and soften road dust and general dirt and grime. The solution is given time to dissolve stubborn mould and dirt. The chemicals we use are safe for your pets and plants.


The solution is rinsed off using fan spray nozzles with a relatively low water pressure (from 500-1000psi compared to 2000-5000+psi for other water blasters). Low pressure washing eliminates the possibilty of damage to the surface being cleaned and uses a lot less water than high pressure water blasters.


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What our clients say

Superb result! I have used these guys several times now, and they always do a fantastic job. I made the mistake of going elsewhere – never again!! The Auckland House wash Company will be the only ones I ever choose again. Thanks guys!

David Young

OUTSTANDING service from this family run business! Great communication, price and result. Easily recommend to anyone who has any house / building wash required.

Rob James